Scaling Utilities

Tools for Scaling Actors in Stencyl

Created by Harryzun (Harry), based loosely on a StencylForge behavior by Rob1221. See the forum post for more details.

Download Engine Extension or Fork On Github


Get Scale

Returns the scale percentage of the actor (e.g. at normal scale it will return 100.0).

Get Scaled Coordinate

Returns the correct scaled coordinates of the actor (relative to the actor's top corner).

Scale Coordinate

Fixes a given coordinate (i.e. x OR y) to scale correctly with the actor. Absolute positioning is typically used to place the actor relative to the scene, while relative positioning is typically used for drawing in the actor space.

Scale Using Percent

Scales the actor to a given percent (normal scale is 100 percent).

Scale Using Size

Scales the actor to a given size (in pixels).

Get Size

Returns the size of the actor (in pixels).

Is Scaled

Returns true if the actor is scaled (i.e. the width or height is other than 100% scale).

Quick Tip

If you are upscaling pixel art, turn off antialiasing to keep the graphics crisp.

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